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            About us

            DONGGUAN GEXIN PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD isa professional to provide plastic toys gifts and all kinds of household plastic products OEM production, design, development, mold making, injection molding, fuel injection/pad printing/hand oil, assembly, packaging, service in one of the diversified company.

            Factory certification

            All Gexin’s items comply not only with the safety requirements established by law and with the quality Standards decided by the client, but as a company policy Gexin have all our existing products tested in accordance with the strictest safety requirements whether issued by EU,USA and Japan. For example the lead content for a Gexin item is tested based on US standard (CPSIA) which has a stricter limit than the European standard.


            Product customization

            Gexin have to undergo a factory audit and a social audit. We will prove the production standard meets the highest requirements.
            1. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Standards
            2. Forced labor
            3. Child Labour/Young Employee
            4. Compensation
            5. Working Hours
            6. Non-Discrimination
            7. Workplace Health and Safety
            8. Environment
            9. Notification to Employees
            10. Subcontractors


            Cooperation brand


            Copyright: Dongguan innovation plastic products co., Ltd. Flight information provides technical support background management

            Contact: Mr. Huang, cell phone: 18576816815, or: 0769-85813328

            Add: No. 19, Xintang Shabian, Houjie Town, Dongguan City

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